Data Scientist

Provo, Utah, United States | Full-time | Partially remote


MeetCute needs a data scientist

MeetCute has a lot of data, and needs to mine that data to #hackdating. As a growing company, we're looking for smart, curious people to answer questions and provide insights that make MeetCute a better place to find a date.

The main technologies you'll be working with are Python and MySQL. Several years of data science experience are preferred.


You need to be:

  • Independent

  • Smart

  • Good at communicating

  • Capable Python programmer

  • Able to think critically and effectively about user experience

  • Effective at turning open-ended projects into concrete deliverables

It's also good if you have:

  • Math or CS degree

  • Familiarity with IPython notebook (or Jupyter), pandas, Hadoop

How does a MeetCute data scientist #hackdating?

First, and most importantly, is the design and analysis of experiments. We run a substantial number of tests in the process of developing our project, and we want to make sure we come to the right conclusions.

Data scientists are also often called upon to answer questions about how the site currently functions, to inform and guide future product decisions that we make. These questions tend to be open-ended, so the ability to go from a vague question to a concrete answer is essential.

How can you join our team?

Send us your resume and tell us why you're excited to join us